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International Chefs Day October 20th

It’s not too late!

You still have time to participate with Chefs from around the world on October 20th. One of the things Chefs will be doing at their International Chefs Day event is keeping children involved. Children love games, so try playing a fun quiz with flash cards in between demonstrations. Print your flash cards, like the one shown below, from the toolkit at to make learning fun! The website has many more ideas for you from our partner, Nestlé Professional, to help you give a memorable International Chefs Day for the children.

Idea: Children tend to be attracted to the bright block colors of the color wheel. Try decorating with bright colors and bright fruits & vegetables. Even wear a bright apron to keep their eyes on you during your event!

Vanessa Marquis, Chairman International Chefs Day Committee “Preparing Children for a Healthy Life!”

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